Weapon Stippling

Upgrade Grip & Performance

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Stippling adds texture and detail to your weapon. Better grip means reduced perceived recoil. Reduced perceived recoil means tighter groups. It’s one more piece of the puzzle we help you sort out as you customize your weapon to your own individual needs.

A more aggressive serration profile on a slide enhanced grip in less that perfect conditions. Ports can reduce weight without compromising strength and fine tune the balance of the gun, key for competition shooters who are looking for fraction of a second improvements.

Slide Milling

Maximize Grip, Minimize Failures

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Protect, Customize, Enhance

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Cerakote is NOT paint. It is a backed on ceramic coating that bonds at the molecular level with the material it is being applied to. It offers a tough scratch resistant coating that protects the surface without adding a lot of weight or thickness.


A selection products we believe have the same high quality and value as our own products.


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